QHacks 2022 Project- Liam Seagram, Jimmy Lu, Nolan Hepworth, Taylor Fiorelli


Using AssemblyAPI to perform text-to-speech and summarize the result.


To run the python code located in the scripts folder, here are the required installs:

pip install requests
pip install pytube

Next, you will need to install the nltk librairy to make the summarizer work. Here is the method that will work for local machines:

pip install nltk

Once that is done, run these two commands consecutively in python 3:

import nltk

This should open a download window for nltk. More extensive instructions and other methods for installing nltk can be found here:

Vault.py file for API key

You will also need to create a vault.py file in the same directory as the python files containing the following code:

from typing import NamedTuple

class keys(NamedTuple):
    authkey = "YOUR-ID-KEY"

where authkey is set to your personal ID Key for AssemblyAPI.


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