Takes a video as an input and creates a video which is suitable to upload on Youtube Shorts and Tik Tok (1080×1920 resolution).


It is written with Python and uses the Moviepy module to edit and process the video. Its a simple script, which can be used to automatically create your Short/Tik Tok videos on a server.

Getting Started


How it works

You should read the Moviepy “Getting started” page to get the idea, how Moviepy works.
A black image is used as a canvas, which is set to the resolution 1080×1920. On this “canvas” the video that will be converted will be placed. With the functions resize, crop, etc. you can convert the video, for example to change the height or width of the video that is displayed. The example code is commented and below you can find more examples.


The Moviepy module is very powerfull, and because it is written in Python you can easily add code to the script, to match it with your usecase. Here are some examples:


Bad performance? Watch here:
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