Basketball Team Stats Tool

In this project you will be writing a program that reads from the “constants” data (PLAYERS and TEAMS) in This data will need to be translated into a new collection of your choosing and the fields need to be changed to something that makes more sense for Python to do its comparisons.

NOTE: Python has no concept of actual constants like some other languages out there. But it is a convention in Python to treat ALL CAPS variables as if they are in-fact constants.

Steps to get started:

  1. Create a new empty script file called or

  2. Inside this new file, you will want a Dunder Main statement:
    For a refresh on Dunder Main:

  3. Any print statements or function calls you will want to be inside Dunder Main or inside a main function call which is nested inside Dunder Main.
    If you need a refresh, check out the supplied Project 1 files/workspace for an example.

If you get stuck, try to work through the problem. Sometimes it helps to try to write/draw out your steps on paper in the order your program should run in and solve each step 1 at a time. If you are still stuck be sure to reach out in the Python Techdegree #unit-02 Slack channel.


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