WhatsApp API Bot

Telegram bot to create direct links with pre-filled text for WhatsApp Chats

You can check our bot here.

The bot is based on the API provided by WhatsApp.

Translation Contributions

You can add your language to the bot by editing the strings.py file and adding a translation in the appropriate format:

strings = {
    "example1": {
        "en": "This string represents message exmple1",
        "he": "המחרוזת הזו מייצגת הודעת דוגמה 1",
        "ru": "Эта строка представляет сообщение exmple1"
     "example2": {
        "en": "This string represents message exmple2",
        "he": "המחרוזת הזו מייצגת הודעת דוגמה 2",
        "ru": "Эта строка представляет сообщение exmple2"
  • Add your language code as key, the lang-code should be in IETF language tag format.
  • Try to stick to the format and translate from the English language available in the file.
  • Maintain the position of the special characters (emojis, .*,-/\{}).
  • When you done, open a pull request or send us the file to our Telegram.

Run the bot by yourself

  • Clone this reposetory:
git clone https://github.com/RobotTrick/WhatsApp-API-Bot.git
  • Install requirements (pyrogram, tgcrypto):
pip3 install -U pyrogram tgcrypto
  • Edit and insert the folowing values into the config file:
  • Run the bot:
python3 main.py

Supported languages

  • [x] English
  • [x] Hebrew


  • [x] Send message to specific phone number.
  • [ ] Open chat with specific number.
  • [ ] Create link with pre-filled message to pick chat.

Created with ❤️ by David Lev & Yehuda By