XA Music Player

Requirements ?

Commands ?

For all in group

  • /play – reply to youtube url or song file to play song
  • /vplay – reply to youtube url or song file to play song
  • /song <song name> – download songs you want quickly
  • /search <query> – search videos on youtube with details
  • /lyrics <query> – search lyrics from web

Admins only

  • /pause – pause song play
  • /resume – resume song play
  • /skip – play next song
  • /end – stop music play
  • /vstop – stop video stream
  • /vpause – pause video stream
  • /vresume – resume video stream
  • /vskip – skip video stream

Commands for Sudo Users ⚔️

  • /userbotleaveall – remove assistant from all chats
  • /broadcast <reply to message> – globally brodcast replied message to all chats
  • /pmpermit [on/off] – enable/disable pmpermit message

String Session :


The easy way to host this bot, deploy to Heroku, Change the app country to Europe (it will help to make the bot stable).

Support & Updates



  • DaisyXMusic
  • callmusic
  • VCPlayerBot
  • Veez
  • TGVCBot
  • Yukki
  • PyTgCalls

Spesial Thanks to

  • Kyy: Nasty Owner


Special Credits

This bot is based on the original work done by Rojserbest. Without his hardwork YukkiMusicPlayer won t exist.
YukkiMusicPlayer is a modified version of Callsmusic for fit the needs of some users

Open Source codes used in this project

This project exists thanks to these awesome developers and their codes and contributions.
And credits goes to all who supported, all who helped and API & environmental requirement package devs and all projects helped in making this project.
Special thanks to you for using bot