Codexun Music Bot

Telegram music bot which can helps to play music on groups voice chat.

Kangers Welcome You!


Commands List

For all in group

  • /play <reply/url> – Youtube url
  • /play <reply audio>– Song file to play song
  • /play <song name> – Play song you requested
  • /song <song name> – Download songs you want
  • /search <query> – Search videos on youtube with details
  • @botusername <query> – Get youtube url by inline

Admins only

  • /pause – Pause song play
  • /resume – Resume song play
  • /skip – Play next song
  • /end – Stop music play
  • /cleandb – Clear all files
  • /userbotjoin – Add assistant
  • /userbotleave – Remove assistant

Sudo & Owner only

  • /restart – Restart bot
  • /gcast <text/reply> – Broadcast to groups (auto pinned)
  • /broadcast <text> – Broadcast to groups (without pinned)
  • /exec <code> – Excute a code
  • /userbotleaveall – remove assistant of all groups


Run on

Heroku Deployment

Follow Given

First fork this repo
Then copy your forked repo url
Simply now replace it with the button given below
If you didn't know how to do this
Then simply contact us at support group.
# suggesting to select Europe server for lag-free music.

Deploy to Heroku

Get Support


Click to see credits

  • Callmusic
  • VCPlayerBot
  • Veez
  • TGVCBot
  • Yukki
  • PyTgCalls

~ Some pirro’s thinking that it’s a kang of YukkiMusicBot for their kind information, This bot is based on the original work done by Rojserbest. Without his hardwork YukkiMusicBot wont exist. YukkiMusicBot is a modified version of Callsmusic for fit the needs of some users.


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