Terminal-based audio-to-text converter

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Project description

A terminal-based audio-to-text converter written in python, enabling you to convert .wav files or microphone input into text and save it to a file.


To run the main python modules and, you need to install the following packages:

  • speech_recognition
  • pydub
  • time
  • pyaudio

The installation method depends on the environment/ package manager you are using. The following examples show the installation of pydub for a standard python environment with pip and for an Anaconda environment via conda.

pip install pydub

conda install -c conda-forge pydub


This code is licensed under GPL-3.0 License.


To convert an audio file to text, start a terminal session, navigate to the location of the required module (e.g. and start a python shell running the code by typing python

Note that the can only handle .wav files due to the implementation of the underlying speech recognition API.

Hardware & Software Requirements

These programs can be run without much computing power. They can be executed on any modern device fullfilling minimal RAM/ CPU standards.


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