Unprompted for Stable Diffusion

Supercharge your prompt workflow with this powerful scripting language!



Unprompted is a highly modular addon for AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion Web UI that allows you to include various shortcodes in your prompts. You can pull text from files, set up your own variables, process text through conditional functions, and so much more – it’s like wildcards on steroids.

While the intended usecase is Stable Diffusion, this engine is also flexible enough to serve as an all-purpose text generator.

Still under active development – I am excited to read your feedback but please keep in mind that this is an early release!

Unprompted is built on top of Darren Mulholland’s excellent Python Shortcodes library.


Simply clone or download this repo and place the files in the base directory of Automatic’s web UI.

💡 Tip: You can run the included unprompted_dry.py to generate text in Command Prompt without needing Stable Diffusion. No external dependencies required!

Basic Usage

From either the txt2img or img2img screen, select Unprompted as your active script:


Now, shortcodes in your prompt will be processed through Unprompted to assemble the final string for image generation.

Trying out the included demo

Enter the following as your prompt:

[file human/main]

💡 Tip: This is a simple “human generator” that will choose characteristics like hair color, race, and posture.

The [file] shortcode looks in unprompted/templates for the specified text file (in this case unprompted/templates/human/main.txt.) You do not need to type the file extension.

Example output:


Learn More

There are too many features to include on one page!

To learn more about what Unprompted is (and isn’t) capable of, please check out the following resources:

For an example of a working, sophisticated template, you can check out the inexpensive Fantasy Card Template here. Purchases will help continue to fund this project. ❤

🔧 If you run into a problem, feel free to open an Issue.

💬 For general discussion and template sharing, use our Discussions board.


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