[Open Source]. The improved version of AnimeGAN. Landscape photos/videos to anime


Anime style Film Picture Number Quality Download Style Dataset
Miyazaki Hayao The Wind Rises 1752 1080p Link
Makoto Shinkai Your Name & Weathering with you 1445 BD
Kon Satoshi Paprika 1284 BDRip

     Different styles of training have different loss weights!


The improvement directions of AnimeGANv2 mainly include the following 4 points:  
  • [x] 1. Solve the problem of high-frequency artifacts in the generated image.

  • [x] 2. It is easy to train and directly achieve the effects in the paper.

  • [x] 3. Further reduce the number of parameters of the generator network. (generator size: 8.17 Mb), The lite version has a smaller generator model.

  • [x] 4. Use new high-quality style data, which come from BD movies as much as possible.

          AnimeGAN can be accessed from here.


  • python 3.6
  • tensorflow-gpu
    • tensorflow-gpu 1.8.0 (ubuntu, GPU 1080Ti or Titan xp, cuda 9.0, cudnn 7.1.3)
    • tensorflow-gpu 1.15.0 (ubuntu, GPU 2080Ti, cuda 10.0.130, cudnn 7.6.0)
  • opencv
  • tqdm
  • numpy
  • glob
  • argparse


1. Download vgg19


2. Download Train/Val Photo dataset


3. Do edge_smooth

python --dataset Hayao --img_size 256

4. Calculate the three-channel(BGR) color difference

python --dataset Hayao

5. Train

python --phase train --dataset Hayao --data_mean [13.1360,-8.6698,-4.4661] --epoch 101 --init_epoch 10
For light version: python --phase train --dataset Hayao --data_mean [13.1360,-8.6698,-4.4661] --light --epoch 101 --init_epoch 10

6. Extract the weights of the generator

python --checkpoint_dir ../checkpoint/AnimeGAN_Hayao_lsgan_300_300_1_2_10_1 --style_name Hayao

7. Inference

python --checkpoint_dir checkpoint/generator_Hayao_weight --test_dir dataset/test/HR_photo --style_name Hayao/HR_photo

8. Convert video to anime

python --video video/input/お花見.mp4 --checkpoint_dir checkpoint/generator_Paprika_weight



:heart_eyes: Photo to Paprika Style

:heart_eyes: Photo to Hayao Style

:heart_eyes: Photo to Shinkai Style