Utilizes Pose Estimation to offer sprinters cues based on an image of their running form.

How to Run


You will need the dependencies listed below: Note: it is encouraged that you utilize a venv through either pip or anaconda

  • python3
  • tensorflow 1.3
  • opencv3
  • protobuf
  • python3-tk


$ git clone
$ cd Running-Form-Correction
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Pose Estimation Demo

To see an example of the pose estimation overlayed on top of the original image, run the code below. Note: Inference generation works best if only one person and their entire body is in frame.

You can set model equal to one of the networks listed below:

  • cmu
  • dsconv
  • mobilenet
    • mobilenet_fast
    • mobilenet_accurate

Make sure to set the imgpath to that of the input frame on your machine.

$ python3 --model=cmu --imgpath=...

Form Correction

Similar to the Pose Estimation Demo, set the intended model and image path:

$ python3 --model=cmu --imgpath=...


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