Automated Folder Versions Generator by Sergiy Grimoldi – V.0.0.2

This program generates automatically new folders containing old version of something

How to use the code

To run file

  1. Open terminal

        cd ./directory

    or cmd

        dir ./directory

    and goto directory where you’ve saved folder downloaded containing this program

  2. Run python file with command-line or with your code editor digiting:

  3. If program doesn’t works well probably you don’t have modules installed so check if:

    • shutil is installed
    • os is installed
    • easygui is installed
  4. And if are not installed you must install these digiting:

    pip3 install `module's name`
  5. If program continues not working Contact Me

How program works

This program gets all “folders-version” in directory choosen, automatically gets the number of version of these.

  • Creates folder with v+number+1 version and put files contained in older “folders-version” in this


This program does not accept foders no-named as (v+n) (es: v1).
So for working program needs to have at least one folder named (v+n) (es: v1).

If you want other features Contact Me

If you want other programs Contact Me or check on my profile if it does’not already exsist.


The program is very easy to modified in variables and actions but:

  • If you want costumize the program please Contact Me
  • I am not responsible for all the changes


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