Dot Translate

? A microservice for quick and local translation using A.I.

This service starts a local webserver used for neural machine translation.

? Features

Dot Translate
? No tracking or telemetry data is collected from you
? Always free
⚡️ Fast on low-compute machines
? Accurate and keeps your prompt meaningful
? Open-source and open for contributions

For inference, all models are ran on the CPU. Every model utilized in this service are 8-bit quantized, which results in decreased latency and storage costs.

? Contributing

We accept all positive contributions that affects this repository and service as a whole; we accept trained .argosmodels files via pull request.

Language Source -> Target Target -> Source
?? nl -> en en -> nl

❤️ Acknowledgements

Argos Translate, which is built on OpenNMT, is widely used in this repository for translation.

? Licenses

Dot Translate is licensed under the MIT license.


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