UNIX ⌚ from NTP

UNIX time from NTP or short UtfN is a simple CLI tool to set the time from an NTP-Server.

  • Sets time and date using the date command present in all UNIX based systems like Ubuntu Linux, Manjaro or FreeBSD
  • NTP-Server can be specified using a CLI-argument
  • Timezone can be specified using a CLI-argument


How it works

  1. UtfN requests the UTC time and date from the default or specified NTP-Server.
  2. UtfN calculates local time and date
  3. UtfN uses the date command to set the time and date


Execute the utfn from command line and add needed arguments.


UtfN can be installt from pip (recommandet):

python3 -m pip install -U utfn

If you want to run the latest version of the code, you can install from git:

python3 -m pip install -U git+git://github.com/datalexum/UNIX-time-from-NTP.git


Longform Shortform Description Optional Default
help h Display help for the arguments ✔️ False
server s Provide a specific NTP-Server ✔️ pool.ntp.org
timezone z Timezone as a offset from UTC ✔️ 0


There can be two different types of errors.

  1. Connection Error: It is not possible to connect to the NTP-Server. This can happen if there is no internet connection or the NTP-Server is not available.
  2. Permission Error: It is not possible to set the date on this system. It is likely that the user has no permission to set the date. Try using a user with higher permissions or add sudo before the command.


In the below example utfn is executed with the default NTP-Server and an UTC-offset of 1 to match CET (UTC+1) for the local time in my country.

utfn -z 1

If everything works as expected the set time is outputed:

Time set to 2 JAN 2022 14:32:17


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