Video Stream is a telegram bot project that’s allow you to play video on telegram group video chat

? Get SESSION_NAME from below:

GenerateString Pyrogram

##✨ Features

  • Music & Video stream support
  • MultiChat support
  • Playlist & Queue support
  • Skip, Pause, Resume, Stop feature
  • Music & Video downloader feature
  • Inline Search support
  • YouTube direct search support
  • YouTube/Local/Live/m3u8 stream support
  • Inline Search support
  • Control With Button support
  • Userbot Auto Join

? Commands:

  • /play (query) – play music from youtube
  • /stream (radio link) – stream a live streaming music
  • /vplay (query) – play video from youtube
  • /vstream (live link) – play video live streaming video
  • /pause – pause the streaming (admin only)
  • /resume – resume the streaming (admin only)
  • /skip – switch to next stream (admin only)
  • /stop – end the streaming (admin only)
  • /vmute – for mute the userbot on voice chat
  • /vunmute – for unmute the userbot on voice chat
  • /playlist – show you all the current stream list
  • /song (query) – download music from youtube
  • /video (query) – download video from youtube
  • /userbotjoin – invite the userbot to join group (admin only)
  • /userbotleave – instruct userbot to leave the group (admin only)
  • /leaveall – order the userbot to leave from all group (sudo only)
  • /clean – clean all raw files
  • /rmd – clean all downloaded files

? Heroku Deployment

The easy way to host this bot, deploy to Heroku, Change the app country to Europe (it will help to make the bot stable).


? VPS Deployment

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install git curl python3-pip ffmpeg -y
pip3 install -U pip
curl -sL | bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
npm i -g npm
git clone # clone the repo.
cd video-stream
pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
cp example.env .env # use vim to edit ENVs
vim .env # fill up the ENVs (Steps: press i to enter in insert mode then edit the file. Press Esc to exit the editing mode then type :wq! and press Enter key to save the file).
python3 # run the bot.

? Credits

? Support & Updates


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