A Discord bot to track you and your friends’ Wordle scores, so you can see who’s the best! To submit a score to wordle-bot, just paste the Wordle score share in a Discord server that wordle-bot is a member of, as shown in the demo photo below. Note that your scores are bound to your Discord user id, not any particular server, so you can submit a score on one server and have it shown in another server’s rankings.

To add the bot to your Discord server, click !

Bot commands are as follows:

  • !wb help to see this message
  • !wb me to see your stats
  • !wb average to see server rankings by average number of guesses
  • !wb rate to see server rankings by win rate
  • !wb games to see server rankings by games played
  • !wb helper for a link to wordle-helper

demo of wordle-bot


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