Telegram Voice Chat Bot

A bot that can play music on telegram group’s voice call.Telegram bot + userbot for streaming audio in group calls.

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  • Thumbnail Support
  • Playlist Support
  • Current playback support
  • Showing track names when skipping
  • Zero downtime, Fully Stable
  • YouTube PlayBack Supported
  • Settings panel
  • Control with buttons
  • Userbot auto join
  • Thanks Message When Add The Bot Join On A Group

Requirements ?

Commands ?

  • /play <song name>play song you requested
  • /playlistShow now playing list
  • /currentShow now playing
  • /song <song name>download songs you want quickly
  • /search <query>search videos on youtube with details
  • /vid <song name>download videos you want quickly

Admins only.??‍♂️

  • /playeropen music player settings panel
  • /pausepause song play
  • /resumeresume song play
  • /skipplay next song
  • /endstop music play
  • /userbotjoininvite assistant to your chat
  • /userbotleaveremove assistant from your chat
  • /reloadRefresh admin list
Telegram VC Bot

Please fork this repository don't import code
Made with Python3
(C) @TG-Musics
Copyright permission under GNU General Public License v3.0
License ->

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Session String ?

Different ways to get your SESSION: (Make A Dummy Account For Userbot)
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Credits ❤

  • TG MUSICS (Organization)
  • Vivek (Dev)
  • Aswin Raj (Helper)
  • Jayant Hegde Kageri (Dev)
  • Fayas (Helper)
  • RabbitFoRed (Dev)
  • Itz-Fork (Y)
  • Uvindu Bro (Helper)
  • DaisyX


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