how to use

  1. download the source code as zip
  2. get your discord bot token from
  3. put your discord bot token into bot_token.txt
  4. run in console with python or python3

how to use the redirect function

  1. make sure developer mode is enabled on discord
    you can do this by going to user settings > advanced, and then switching developer mode to enabled.
  2. get the channel you want the embeds to redirect into’s id by right clicking and clicking “Copy ID”
  3. paste the channel id into redirect_channel.txt
  4. go into options.txt and change redirect=FALSE to redirect=TRUE [THIS IS CASE SENSITIVE]

other random information

as of right now i’m probably done developing this, it’s supposed to be simple and easy to use, so i don’t want to over clutter it.
however, if you run into any bugs or problems, please do leave an issue! i’ll try my best to fix any problem you may have with this. ok bye have fun


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