• To ensure best results, make sure you are running this on a computer that has decent specs.
  • 1920×1080 fullscreen is required in League, game must also be on main monitor.
  • Make sure you dont have any overlays on.
  • If the program crashes, make sure you create an issue with the traceback.
  • Feel free to create a PR for whatever you want, I used this project to learn python and much of the code can be improved.
  • My initial goal with this project was to create a bot capable of hitting gold in TFT. Unfortunately I do not have anymore time to spend on this.


  1. Install Python 3.9.6 from
    • Note that Python 3.9.6 cannot be used on Windows 7 or earlier.
  2. Run pip install -r requirements.txt in Command Prompt
  3. Install tesseract using windows installer available at:
    • Note the tesseract path from the installation.
    • Set the tesseract path in the file (it may already be correct)
  4. Run the file


  • Read the board state (Round / Level / Gold / Shop / Items)
  • Keeps track of champions on the board and bench
  • Pick a random item/champ from the carousel
  • Pickup items from the board after PVE rounds
  • Place items onto champions
  • Plays the user defined team comp
  • Auto queue using the LCU api


  • Change the functions that take multiple screenshots and change it to one screenshot and crop that image. This should increase performance.
  • Implement tome of traits logic
  • Add more logic to the gold spending function
  • Change all pyautogui screenshot functions to PIL ImageGrab
  • Revamp auto queue so it can never fail
  • Multiple defined team comps and pick the best one in game
  • General code imrpovements and optimization
  • [?] Intelligent carousel item/champion choice


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