PGN Saver

This a Chess PGN saver which allows you to save your game pgns, in a .pgn file

This can be a very useful tool for the people using chessbase reader (non-premium version on chessbase software) as it doesn’t allow you to create pgn files, so from this program you can create pgn files and open it using chessbase reader!


The User Interface

GUI Image



OS Requirements

  1. Operating System should be greater than Windows 7/8 (as python is not compatible with these versions)
  2. If you are running the file, then you need to have python installed, else you can run the pgn_saver.exe file (available from the releases section, or from the Executable Files folder)
  3. This program cannot be used on mobile, most probably in future updates the mobile application would be implemented!


Chinmay Singhal


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