? MicroStealer

⚡ A compact Discord Token Logger/Discord Token Grabber made in only 16 lines of code! Injects into discord for long-term use.

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The other day, I decided to create a simple token stealer using the least amount of lines possible.
This is how it came out!

Please note, this is more of a PoC than a real grabber.
You most likely wont be using this.
However, when compiled with PyInstaller, it is quite small!

– Features –

  • Injects, so even if the user changes their token you have it!
  • Works with any webhook, even if it's not discord!
  • Only 16 lines of code!
  • No external modules needed!

Usage (If for some reason you want to use it)

Simple! Open the file and where it says:

webhook = 'YOUR WEBHOOK'

You must replace ‘YOUR WEBHOOK’ with a valid webhook. Because of the nature of this grabber, you can use any webhook.
(Guilded, Discord, Telegram, even your own server! ?)

Enjoy! ?


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