A light weight discord client written in Python, for developers, by developers.

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What does “light weight” really mean?

Light weight, developers use a lot of tools, Git, Visual Studio, and we all know what using Visual Studio is like, and plus StackOverflow for all those queries you gotta ask, you probably also use Discord, it’s quite popular for developer communities and gaming too! So to toggle between co-operative workspaces and your IDE, here’s Discord Lite, it uses less memory when compared to Discord Client or Google Chrome version of Discord. It also loads GIFs faster, supports Images and Videos, PDF and other documents.


There are a few drawbacks to the light weighted version ofcourse, and they are:

  1. It can’t be used for live streaming.
  2. It can’t be used for VC’s
  3. It can’t be used for screen sharing or video calls

and that’s about it.

Inspiration and sources

This is basically a modified version of the Geeks For Geeks tutorial on how to Make a Web Browser using PyQt5, so I to decided let’s modify it and make it a Discord Client since it runs Google so well.

Link: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/creating-a-simple-browser-using-pyqt5/

Known issues



On the roadmap we’ve got:

  1. Downloading Images using links in the Client
  2. Screenshot Button to quickly screenshot chats
  3. VC and Streaming support
  4. Video call support
  5. Switching between alts

Add me on Discord! cyber#3709

Here’s the support server invite: https://discord.gg/EwY2aZMn6t


Any useful contribution is welcome, but preference will be given to those who can solve the drawback issues or implement the roadmap features in their PR, happy coding!


Currently tested for Windows 10 with Python 3.9.9 issues related to reports on other systems can be opened.


This isn’t any serious “client” of such, it’s simply Discord Web running in a custom browser to reduce strain on Chrome or the Discord Client which infact is quite heavy and can feast off your RAM, feel free to star the repo if you liked it.

Using it with pip as a python package

Here’s the link: https://pypi.org/project/discord-lite/

pip3 install discord-lite

and then in your python file

import discord_lite

and you should be good to go, note that the logo won’t load here due to an error, which will be fixed in the next update.


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