InducedCheckerBot is a Powerful Telegram Checker Bot written in Python using Telethon.

A stable Induced Cracking Bot with pre Configs, based on Telethon.

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Fast test checkers then any tool , all type of subscription, As works on linux not windows Free Open Private Deployment Both Proxy and Non Proxy System will be there, with public source codes 🤡

🖇 Prerequisites

In order to avoid conflicts in your project, you must have/installed

⚡ Getting Started

The easy way to host InducedCheckerBot, deploy to Heroku, Change the app country to Europe (it will help to make the bot stable).


🚀 Okteto Deployment

Click the button below to deploy InducedCheckerBot on Okteto!

Environment Variables / Mandatory Variables 🤖

  • API_ID – Your Api id.
  • API_HASH – Your Api hash.
  • BOT_TOKEN – Your Bot token.
  • SUDO – Your UserId for multiple userid.

Support & Updates 🎑

License 👊

Induced is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later.

Credits 🇮🇳

Made with 💕 by @TeamInduced.


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