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Bot to get alerts from GitHub

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Things to be noted

• All Images are clickable!!

How To Deploy

🔗 Deploy on Heroku

All vars are already filled and some are optional not filling them will not make big difference.

First fork this repo!!

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Press to Takeoff

Click the button below to deploy Gitgram on Heroku!

Press to Takeoff

🍀 Update heroku app with CLI 🍀
  • Android compatible
  • Android 7 and above
  • Below Android 7

Press to Takeoff

Vps deployment

We don’t provide support for vps deployment so don’t come to us with your problems!

~$ git clone https:/github.com/TeamScenario/GitGram
-$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
-$ cp config.py
-$ python3 GitGram.py

Edit config.py with your own values

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