A python script using Apica API’s to migrate URL checks between environments


  • Python 3.9
  • Install requests library

Quick Start

1. Load “checks.csv” with check info that will be migrated, using the following format: check_id,check_type,check_name,check_location

Tip: list 50 max checks at time so the API server dosnt get overloaded with requests

2. Input Parameters- you will be prompted for API information:

Endpoint1 url (i.e. ‘http(s)://api-wpm.apicasystem.com’):

Endpoint1 auth_ticket:

Endpoint2 url (i.e. ‘http(s)://api-wpm2.apicasystem.com’):

Endpoint2 auth_ticket:

3. Begin Test

An iteration of old check info and new check info will start displaying until complete.
You can also review log.txt and checks_output.csv for more info.

checks_output.csv – displays old check info and new check info in csv format


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