Greed is a game in which the player seeks to gather as many falling gems as possible. The game continues as long as the player wants more!


Greed is played according to the following rules.

Gems (*) and rocks (o) randomly appear and fall from the top of the screen.
The player (#) can move left or right along the bottom of the screen.
If the player touches a gem they earn a point.
If the player touches a rock they lose a point.
Gems and rocks are removed when the player touches them.
The game continues until the player closes the window.


Your program must also meet the following requirements.

The program must have a README file.
The program must have at least eight classes.
Each module, class and method must have a corresponding comment.
The game must remain generally true to the order of play described earlier.

Have Some Fun
Make the game your own by enhancing it any way you like. Here are a few ideas.

Enhanced gems and rocks (multiple kinds, different points).
Enhanced player movement (up and down in a limited range)
Enhanced game play and game over messages.
Enhanced gem, rock and player representation (colors or better symbols)

Project Structure

The project files and folders are organized as follows:

root (project root folder)
+– rfk (source code for game)
+– game (specific classes)
+– main.py (program entry point)
+– README.md (general info)

Required Technologies

Python 3.8.0 or greater


Adrian Ruiz: ([email protected])
Mario Rengel: ([email protected])
Jon Lanenga: ([email protected])


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