Rembg is a tool to remove images background.


  • python 3.8 or newer

  • torch and torchvision stable version

How to install torch/torchvision

Go to and scrool down to INSTALL PYTORCH section and follow the instructions.

For example:

PyTorch Build: Stable (1.7.1)
Your OS: Windows
Package: Pip
Language: Python
CUDA: None

The install cmd is:

pip install torch==1.7.1+cpu torchvision==0.8.2+cpu -f


Install it from pypi

pip install rembg

Usage as a cli

Remove the background from a remote image

curl -s http://input.png | rembg > output.png

Remove the background from a local file

rembg -o path/to/output.png path/to/input.png

Remove the background from all images in a folder

rembg -p path/to/input path/to/output

Add a custom model

Copy the custom-model.pth file to ~/.u2net and run:

curl -s http://input.png | rembg -m custom-model > output.png

Usage as a server

Start the server


Open your browser to


Also you can send the file as a FormData (multipart/form-data):

<form action="http://localhost:5000" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
   <input type="file" name="file"/>
   <input type="submit" value="upload"/>

Usage as a library

Example 1: Read from stdin and write to stdout


import sys
from import remove


Then run

cat input.png | python > out.png

Example 2: Using PIL


from import remove
import numpy as np
import io
from PIL import Image

input_path = 'input.png'
output_path = 'out.png'

f = np.fromfile(input_path)
result = remove(f)
img ="RGBA")

Then run


Usage as a docker

Just run

curl -s http://input.png | docker run -i -v ~/.u2net:/root/.u2net danielgatis/rembg:latest > output.png

Advance usage

Sometimes it is possible to achieve better results by turning on alpha matting. Example:

curl -s http://input.png | rembg -a -ae 15 > output.png
Original Without alpha matting With alpha matting (-a -ae 15)