Unmand Python SDK

This is a simple package to aid in consuming the Unmand APIs.

For more help, see our docs.

Getting Started

Create virtual environment

$ python3 -m venv venv

Start virtual environment

$ source venv/bin/activate

Install python requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Install Wheel for GemFury management

$ pip install wheel

If you need to create a new package

Run the following command after updating setup.py version

$ python setup.py bdist_wheel

and then drag and drop the new package generated file inside the dist folder

Example Usage

from unmand import Job, ExfilAPI

document_path = 'Sample.pdf'

exfil = ExfilAPI(token)
with open(document_path, 'rb') as file_data:
    job = exfil.queue(file_data)
    if job.status != "FAILED":
        if job.status == 'FINISHED':

ExfilAPI and Job

The main class is ExfilAPI. Instantiate this with your token argument. Use the optional argument test to direct your queries to the test API instead of the production API. For example:

exfil_test = ExfilAPI(token, test=True) # This aims at the test API
exfil = ExfilAPI(token) # This aims at the production API

Submit a job by attaching the binary file data from your system to the queue method of ExfilAPI. This will return an instance of the Job class.

job = exfil.queue(file_data)

At any time, you can get the status of the job:

print(job) # or

Once a job is queued, call the poll method of the ExfilAPI class to be updated when the job is finished. Use the optional argument suppress_output to stop updates printing to screen.

exfil.poll(job=job) # or
exfil.poll(job=job, suppress_output=True)

Once finished, the results of the job are saved as a dictionary under the result attribute.


Swarm Tasks

There is a SwarmAPI class so that swarm tasks can be uploaded for display in the UI. An example usage is shown below. Be careful, the token for a Swarm project will be different.

swarm = SwarmAPI(token, test=True)

start_time = datetime.utcnow()
finish_time = datetime.utcnow()
response_details = {'Some data': 1, 'Some other data': 2, "an array": [1,2,3,4]}
status = 'SUCCESS' # or 'FAILURE'

task = Task('UniqueTestId', start_time, finish_time , status, 'PROD', 'Short Response', response_details , "First Identifier", "Second Identifier", "Third Identifier")


GitHub - unmand-systems/unmand-python: Python library for the Unmand APIs.
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