IPScanner ?

A simple threaded IP-Scanner written in python3 that can monitor local IP’s in your network.



Installation ?

git clone https://github.com/Jonathan357611/ipscanner.git
cd ipscanner
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 main.py <arguments>

Usage ⚒️


  • -h: Displays help message
  • -t: Set threads (default=255) (max.=255)
  • -s: Set start of IP-range (default=
  • -e: Set end of IP-range (default=
  • -o: Set timeout in ms (default=500ms)

When the program has scanned every selected address,
press any key to see the results (IP, Hostname, Responsetime)

Notes ?

I’d be happy if you suggest, fix, add, etc. something as I am still learning ?
Any feedback is also very appreciated!

The Code was formated with black. Thanks for that software!


  • Add multiple collumn support in the result screen.
  • Scan ports
Anything else?


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