Visrl (pronounced “visceral”) is a simple wrapper to analyse and visualise reinforcement learning agents’ behaviour in the environment.

Reinforcement learning requires a lot of overhead code to inspect an agent’s behaviour visually, typically through env.render(). Visrl allows users to easily intervene and switch between agent control and human control, and allows inserting a breakpoint in the game state to pause only at a relevant state of interest.


  • Set action hotkeys
  • Human intervention: Take actions 1 step at a time
  • Agent control: Return control to the agent
  • Speed up/ slow down frame rate
  • Visualise relevant values across history
  • Breakpoint: Run until a condition involving values is fulfilled
  • Playback: Show past frames and ations
  • Record: Record a .mp4, .gif or download a .csv of the history.


pip install visrl


import gym
from stable_baselines3 import DQN
from visrl import Visrl

env = gym.make('LunarLander-v2')
agent = DQN('MlpPolicy', env, verbose=1)

Visrl(env, agent).run()


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