A Telegram Bot To Encode Videos Using FFMPEG.

  • Queue – This bot has queue feature.
  • Thumbnail – Send any image and it will be set as file thumbnail.
  • OWNER – Only authorised user can use it.
  • FFMPEG Code Change – Change ffmpegcode through the bot itself do /help in bot pm for more info.

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Deploy on Heroku


Deploy on Railway


Add in @BotFather

start - Check Bot is Working or not
help - Get Detailed Help
setcode - Set Custom FFMPEG Code
getcode - Print Current FFMPEG Code
logs - Get Bot Logs
ping - Check Ping
sysinfo - Get System Info
leech - Leech Links And Compress Video
renew - Clear Cached Downloads, Queue etc
clear - Clear Queued Files
showthumb - Show Current Thumbnail
speed - Do A SpeedTest
eval - Execute An Argument
bash - Run Bash Commands
cmds - List Available Commands


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