Abstraction of a Unit, includes convertions and basic operations.

—— EXAMPLE : Free Fall (No air resistance) ——-

from units_test import Unit, Constants

g = Constants.g
velocity = Unit(1, "km.s^-1")
time = Unit(2, "min")
distance = - g*time**2*(1/2) + velocity*time  

print( distance )                    # Unit( 4.93680e+04 m )  
print( distance.to("mi").text() )    # 105.24040 mi


  • When having a unit to the zero e.g. km^0 in an operation, it’ll give a float, ussually
  • Cannot multiply by const on the left i.e. 2*Unit() gives Error, but Unit()*2 is valid
  • Try to use parenthesis, i.e. Unit()* 1/2 gives Error, but Unit* (1/2) is valid
  • Every operation translates back to metric, u have to convert back after it


  • Can’t compute sqrt, sin, cos, exp, or Unit()**Unit(), cuz is not implemented
  • TODO : implement temperatures units (°C,°F,K,…)
  • TODO : add computations of errors
  • TODO : implement nparrays that have the same fucntionality

Download the .py file and put it in ../Python38/Lib/site-packages, or just put it in
the same folder your working, then you can import it no problem.
I’m using python 3.8 but it should work on versions above. No dependencies (yet).


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