AlphaBot2 Pi Core software for interfacing with the various components.

This project is currently a W.I.P. I will update this readme as soon as the initial version is fully up and running. In the meantime, you can submit any suggestions by either creating an issue, or submitting a pull request, which I will review and either add in, merge, or explain if it’s not needed or intended as part of the ‘Core’ functions.


The plan is to flesh out this core section with controls for all of the basic components of the bot, and then to create a range of interactive learning programs and guides to help encourage people to learn about programming through a higher level interface, which can be explored in more detail once there is a basic understanding present.


The motivation behind this project is firstly because I own an AlphaBot2 that works with the Raspberry Pi, which has for the most part been sitting around because I haven’t had the time to actually sit and try to understand the underlying code and functionality to use it in the way that I wanted to when I got it.

The second reason is because there doesn’t seem to be very many repos or guides that actually go into any kind of decent depth when it comes to this little bot, so I decided that I would try to add some sort of value by finally sittign down and building some interfaces for it.

The third reason is because the original code base that WaveShare provides doesn’t run on python3.x (at least not to my knowledge) so I also want to update it to run on the newer python version to make it easier for others that buy this, still available for purchase, bot to get up and running with it.


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