No Maintenance Intended

Alt1-compatible toolbox for RuneScape 3, for Linux and macOS.


This project use Poetry as package manager.

Requires Poetry 1.1.

# Try this first
poetry install
# If previous fails and you're on Big Sur, try this instead
SYSTEM_VERSION_COMPAT=1 poetry install

poetry run make dev

# If you just want to load AFKWarden
poetry run python
# If you'd like to pick what app you load
poetry run python

Linux additional instruction

Requires libxcb to be installed

macOS additional instruction

You will need to add Python in System Preferences > Security > Privacy in these sections:

  • Accessibility
  • Screen Recording

Note that Python might appear as the closest macOS application (eg. your terminal emulator) instead of Python


Start with --remote-debugging-port=9222 to enable remote debugger protocol. To debug, go to chrome://inspect on Chrome/Chromium.


This project is No Maintenance Intended. It is provided as-is and may not be actively maintained. There’s no support, and no promise that pull requests will be reviewed and merged. In other word: I wrote this for my own use and there’s no point in keeping it to myself so I’m sharing it. However, maintaining it as a proper open source project is an ongoing work that I don’t have the bandwidth to do.

This project is licensed under GPLv3, and contains code from third parties. Contains code from the Alt1 application.

Please do not contact Alt1 or for support.