An attendance bot which joins google meet automatically according to schedule and marks present in the google meet. I have been missing my morning online lectures lately because of this irregular sleep cycle and procrastination. So I came up with this innovative idea of developing a python program which will automatically open the meet link for me and join the lecture using my account credentials. Moreover I added a versatile feature to this project which would make this project totally self-acting in handling the Google Meetings webpage. I have developed a program which will answer as “Present” through the Microphone of the laptop whenever the teacher takes your name. Pygame , selenium and chrome driver are used in this project.

To run the program just clone the project change/add paths to chrome driver,add email id password and meet link,edit words' tuple with different pronunciations of your name,add path of file to the batch file.And run batch file.

You can also start your meetings at a specific provided time. To do this associate the batch file with windows task scheduler and provide the time of your meeting.

Here is the tutorial link for this project : Refer this tutorial if you have any doubts/errors with the project.

Make sure to install VB-Audio Virtual Cable, it helps playing the recorded sound on the meeting.

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