Music Bot

An example music bot that is written in Disnake [Maintained Fork]


Disnake is a maintained and updated fork of

Disnake Github Repo ->


Use the package manager pip to install the libraries from requirements.txt file.pip install -r requirements.txt


This music bot uses Lavalink to play music. Lavalink is a Java based program. You will need JDK 8 or JDK 13 to be able to run Lavalink properly. Wavelink has been rewritten. (Imports changed from discord to disnake)

You will need python 3.8 or above to run this program.

The entire music bot operates on slash commands.

Lavalink is a standalone audio streaming node and an API that is based on Lavaplayer. Unlike youtube_dl or ffmpeg which downloads tracks and plays, Lavalink loads the tracks and streams the audio through a websocket.

Wavelink is an API wrapper that is written for python to abstract away all the complexities of Lavalink and make it easy for us to load and play tracks.

If you want know more about Lavalink, vist this repo:

How to run this.

Go to the website -

Create your own bot account.

Enable Privileged Intents - Member Intents /Presence Intents.

Enable applications/commands scope to make sure your bot can have slash commands.

Go to the config.yaml file and Enter your Discord Bot Token.

You need to python installed on your system in order to run the program.

Then run the file.  python3

Run it on your terminal.

If you don't have python installed in your system, Please refer to to download python. Make sure you have installed version 3.8 or above of python.

If all the steps are correctly followed, the bot should be up and running.

Enjoy :).

I am beginner in programming, and I want to use this code.

I will be frank here. You need to have basic programming knowledge in python and Disnake.

Here is what the author of Disnake thinks you should know before beginning:

How much Python do I need to know?

disnake is ultimately a complicated Python library for beginners. There are many concepts in there that can trip a beginner up and could be confusing. The design of the library is to be easy to use -- however the target audience for the library is not complete beginners of Python.

With that being said, beginners tend to use this library quite liberally anyway and while I appreciate the endeavour and tenacity it should be noted that asking for help here does take up the valuable time of volunteers. As a result certain knowledge is recomended before trying disnake:

  • The difference between instances and class attributes.
  • e.g. vs or any variation of these.
  • How to use data structures in the language.
  • dict/tuple/list/str/...
  • How to solve NameError or SyntaxError exceptions.
  • How to read and understand tracebacks.

This list is not exhaustive

If these concepts are confusing -- please feel free to complete a smaller and simpler project first before diving into the complexities that is asynchronous programming in Python. (Taken from a tag.)


If you are using this, or any part of it, please feel free to give some credits :) Thanks.

GitHub - KortaPo/DisnakeWavelinkBot at
An example Music Bot written in Disnake and uses slash commands to operate. - GitHub - KortaPo/DisnakeWavelinkBot at