AnimDL - Download & Stream Your Favorite Anime

AnimDL is an incredibly powerful tool for downloading and streaming anime.

A highly efficient, fast, powerful and light-weight anime downloader and streamer for your favorite anime.

Core features

  • Abuses the developer's knowledge of internal streaming mechanisms in various different sites to hunt down high quality stream links.
  • Doesn't make a single unnecessary request; the official site may make 1k requests, this tool makes 3~5.
  • Doesn't use any heavy dependencies such as Selenium or Javascript Evaluators.
  • Effectively bypasses DRMs in several streaming sites.
  • Integrates AnimeFillerList so that the user can filter out any fillers from downloading or streaming.
  • Integrates powerful, fast and efficient internal HLS downloader.
  • Only tool in existence to bypass 9Anime's cloudflare protection.
  • Operates with full efficiency and speed by using Python's generator functions to their full capacity.
  • Supports downloading with Internet Download Manager optionally.
  • Supports streaming with mpv, an incredibly efficient, fast and light-weight dependency.


  --help  Show this message and exit.       

  continue  Continue your downloads or stream from where t'was left.
  download  Download your favorite anime by query.
  grab      Stream the stream links to the stdout stream for external usage.
  stream    Stream your favorite anime by query.


  1. Streaming One Piece on 9Anime from episode 1 by placing a search forehand:
  • stream -q "one piece" -s 1
  1. Streaming One Piece on 4Anime from episode 1 by placing a search forehand.
  • stream -q "4anime:one piece" -s 1
  1. Streaming One Piece on 9Anime with anime url from episode 1.
  • stream -q "" -s 1
  1. Streaming with the setting of 3 with AnimeFillerList integration that filters out fillers.
  • stream -q "" -s 1 -fl "" --fillers
  1. Continuing a previous stream / download session without worrying about the command.
  • continue
  1. Scraping the episode stream links of One Piece from 9Anime to stdout without downloading:
  • grab -q "" -s 1

Downloading is the same as the examples 1-4, except the download command is used.


Clone / download the repository and simply run the following command in the working directory:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Support: Python 3.6 and higher


Streaming needs an additional dependency known as mpv, you can download it from here.

If you're having issues with the installation of mpv, you can make an issue to recieve full help on its installation and usage.


Downloading or streaming copyrighted materials might be illegal in your country.