Every 15 Minutes⌛

Every 15 Minutes is an application that is used to Notify you to Relax your eyes Every 15 Minutes, This is fully made with Python and also with the use of the win10toast library. It’s Completely Free and open-source.

How to download it? 👁

First Downlaod the files by Downloading the code and then Unzip it using WinRAR or any other ZIP extracting program.
To run, You just need to have Python installed, Now run the requirements.bat file if you are running this first time. After running the requirements.bat file. Run the start.bat file and you are ready to go.

How to use it? 💻

Just minimize the Console and do your work, It will notify you Every 15 Minutes. As simple as that.

Extra Info📑

Developed with ❤️ In India 🇮🇳 by Prathvi💝
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GitHub - fspvsite/every-15-minutes at pythonawesome.com
An Notifier Program that Notifies you to relax your eyes Every 15 Minutes👀 - GitHub - fspvsite/every-15-minutes at pythonawesome.com