Sound Splitter

  • Authors: Joseph Lee and contributors
  • NVDA compatibility: 2019.3 and later

This add-on, partly based on Tony’s Enhancements by Tony Malykh, adds the ability to split audio from NVDA and other sounds onto separate audio channels.


  • Alt+NvDA+S: toggle sound splitter. If enabled, NVDA will be heard through the right channel.

Sound S;litter settings

You can configure add-on settings from NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Sound Splitter catregory.

  • Split NVDA sound and applications’ sounds into left and right channels: checkinb this checkbox will enable sound splitting feature.
  • Switch left and right during sound split: by default, NVDA will be heard through the right channel if sound splitting is on. You can instead hear NVDA through the left channel by checking this checkbox.


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