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This project is an application that receives a three-letter code for a North American Country and returns a list of
all countries a driver must travel through to go from the United State of America to the destination. We
use a simplified map of North America:

  • CAN – Canada borders the United States
  • USA – The United States borders Canada and Mexico
  • MEX – Mexico borders the United States, Guatemala, and Belize
  • BLZ – Belize borders Mexico and Guatemala
  • GTM – Guatemala borders Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, and Honduras
  • SLV – El Salvador borders Guatemala and Honduras
  • HND – Honduras borders Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua
  • NIC – Nicaragua borders Honduras and Costa Rica
  • CRI – Costa Rica borders Nicaragua and Panama
  • PAN – Panama borders Costa Rica

Simplified North America

For instance, sending a GET request to will result in the
following response

    "destination": "PAN",
    "list": ["USA", "MEX", "GTM", "HND", "NIC", "CRI", "PAN"]


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