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Automatically open a pull request for repositories that have no file for a targeted set of repositories.

What this repository does

This code is for a GitHub Action that opens pull requests in the repositories that have a specified repository topic and also don’t have a file.

Why would someone do this

It is desirable, for example, for all Open Source and InnerSource projects to have a file that specifies for new contributors what the processes and procedures are for making a new contribution. This has been done in some large GitHub customers organizations.

How it does this

  • It pulls a list of labelled repositories from a repos.json which can be generated by the InnerSource-Crawler GitHub Action.
  • It opens a pull request in each of those repositories which adds the file with some template contents.

Use as a GitHub Action

  1. Create a repository to host this GitHub Action or select an existing repository.
  2. Create the env values from the sample workflow below (GH_TOKEN, GH_ACTOR, PR_TITLE, PR_BODY, and ORGANIZATION) with your information as repository secrets. More info on creating secrets can be found here. Note: Your GitHub token will need to have read/write access to all the repositories in the repos.json file.
  3. Copy the below example workflow to your repository and put it in the .github/workflows/ directory with the file extension .yml (ie. .github/workflows/auto-contrib-file.yml)

Example workflow

name: Find proper repos and open prs


    name: Open in OSS if it doesnt exist
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - name: Checkout code
      uses: actions/[email protected]
    - name: Find OSS repository in organization
      uses: docker://
        GH_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GH_TOKEN }}
        ORGANIZATION: ${{ secrets.ORGANIZATION }}
        TOPIC: open-source

    - name: Open pull requests in OSS repository that are missing contrib files
      uses: docker://
        GH_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GH_TOKEN }}
        ORGANIZATION: ${{ secrets.ORGANIZATION }}
        GH_ACTOR: ${{ secrets.GH_ACTOR }}
        PR_TITLE: ${{ secrets.PR_TITLE }}
        PR_BODY: ${{ secrets.PR_BODY }}

Scaling for large organizations

  • GitHub Actions workflows have time limits currently set at 72 hours per run. If you are operating on more than 1400 repos or so with this action, it will take several runs to complete.


We would
contributions to improve this action. Please see for how to get involved.

Instructions to run locally without Docker

  • Clone the repository or open a codespace
  • Create a personal access token with read only permissions
  • Copy the .env-example file to .env
  • Edit the .env file by adding your Personal Access Token to it and the desired organization, pull request title and body, and actor (GitHub username)
  • Install dependencies python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Run the code python3
  • After running locally this will have changed your git config and so those should be reset for this repository

Docker debug instructions

  • Install Docker and make sure docker engine is running
  • cd to the repository
  • Edit the Dockerfile to enable interactive docker debug as instructed in the comments of the file
  • docker build -t test .
  • docker run -it test
  • Now you should be at a command prompt inside your docker container and you can begin debugging




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