chainladder (python)

This package gets inspiration from the popular R ChainLadder package.

This package strives to be minimalistic in needing its own API. Think in pandas for data manipulation and scikit-learn for model construction. An actuary already versed in these tools will pick up this package with ease. Save your mental energy for actuarial work.


To install using pip: pip install chainladder

To instal using conda: conda install -c conda-forge chainladder

Alternatively for pre-release functionality, install directly from github: pip install git+

Note: This package requires Python>=3.5 pandas 0.23.0 and later, sparse 0.9 and later, scikit-learn 0.23.0 and later.

Questions or Ideas?

Join in on the github discussions. Your question is more likely to get answered here than on Stack Overflow. We're always happy to answer any usage questions or hear ideas on how to make chainladder better.