UBC Math 340 Materials

This repository aims to be the one repository for which you can find everything you about Math 340.

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes are contained in notes.md. To view it, Visual Studio Code or alternative markdown editors that support math equation can be used.

It is currently incomplete and PR is welcomed to add details to the lecture note.

Practice Questions

This repository aims to contain practice questions & solutions by course topic. Each different topic would have its own folder, and each question itself would be a folder that contains two files(question & solution).

The aim is to have 5+ practice questions for each topic. The main source of the questions would be a mixture of textbook, past exams and online worksheets.

The questions by topic can be found under practice_questions folder.

It is recommended that you download the entire practice_questions folder and browse the contents via Visual Studio Code, as Github does not support proper rendering of Math Equation

Past Exams

Other than questions by topics, we also aim to contain as much past exams as we can find in the repository under the folder past_exams. Since UBC Math Department doesn’t provide solution manual to the past exams, we also wish to compile our own sample solutions such that you can check your answer very easily.

Disclaimer on 2021W1 Midterm

Prof. Matthieu Heitz gladly authorized me to publish 2021W1 midterm to enhance our understanding, which I appreciates, as it will be extraordinary helpful towards current & future Math 340 students.

As a catch, no solutions to 2021W1 midterm shall be published publicly, to abide to UBC department policy. All contributions involving 2021W1 midterm solution will be rejected & removed from the repository.


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