Encriptificator : It is a normal text editor with all basic features plus the additional feature to encrypt your files.
		  In Files>Save Options you get two save options which are Normal Save and Encrypted Save.
		  Normal save will normally save your file like any other text editor , 
		  but encrypted save option will encrypt your file , create a random id and put the key on a file with this id as the name
		  Now if this files content can't be read on any other app other than this one(with open encrypted file option under Files) ,
		  also if this file is exported to other apps , It won't open even if opened with same app.

		  To share some other device the access of your file , open the file and note the id , 
		  find a file with this id as name in C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\encriptificator_keys and send that file to their device
		  on reciving device , open this app and when trying to open the file under open encripted file , when the app is unable to find the key in the keys folder ,
		  it will open an option to select key file , select that key file and your file will open , 
		  Alternatively you can just paste this key file to the same address C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\encriptificator_keys on the reciving device for directly opning.\

		  There are two options to open a file which are open and open encrypted file
		  open just opens the file as any other text editor app would have opened it,
		  open encripted file will open the decrypted version of the file encrypted by this app in your device
		  if the encripted file is created using same app but in different device , ask the sender to send the key too (instruction above)
		  now while opening a with open with open encripted file , since the key is not in keys folder , an option to select key file will appear
		  select the recieved key file and it will decrypt the file recieved.

Requirements : Windows OS , Minimal Specifictions



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