Google Developer Profile Badge Scraper

GDev Profile Badge Scraper is a Google Developer Profile Web Scraper which scrapes for specific badges in a user’s Google Developer Profile. This first version is specific to the use case for detecting 16 badges for Android Study Jam participants/facilitators and gives an output of each badge filtered individually. As Google themselves do not provide a service to track multiple user’s GDev profile, I thought of writing this script myself. This script has a time complexity of 8(n). It can further be modified to reduce the time complexity.

Sample Input (test.csv)

Sample Input

Sample Output (datasheet.csv)

Sample Output


How to run the script?

  • Keep ChromeDriver executable file(.exe) in the same folder as the program code or in the same project folder
  • Have list of all participants in a .csv file
  • Customize the badges according to your requirements, modify the if statements as mentioned in the comments
  • Finally, press RUN!



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