Hack any account sending fake nitro QR code (only for educational purpose)

  1. Start my program token_grabber_discord..py
  2. Wait 10 seconds and then send result.png file to victim (QR code expire in 2 min).
  3. The program will print Discord Authorization Token if victim will scan it.
  4. You can do what u want in a opened browser with account
  5. You can also close opened browser and start main.py
  6. You can check every servers the victim is in and channels. ( Can’t check dm channels but u can send dm messages )
  7. type “commands” command to see commands. Not every commands are working !
  8. Modules: pillow, webdriver_manager, selenium, json, fake_useragent
  9. TIP: Do not send dm messages to fast and do not use get_server_users command because discord will block victim account.


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