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  • Many options while being compact
  • Auto update
  • Easy and fast
  • Linux Support!
  • Nuke a targetted account
  • Unfriend all friends
  • DM all friends
  • Delete and leave all servers
  • Spam Create New servers
  • Delete all private DM's
  • Block all friends
  • Spam switch between light/dark and languages
  • Get information from a targetted account
  • Log into an account thru the token
  • Disable Account
  • Status/bio/hypesquad Changer
  • Create Token/Password/Creditcard Grabber
  • Create Qr code that grabs their token upon scanning
  • Mass report
  • GroupChat Spammer
  • Webhook deleter/spammer


Features in detail

Features in detail (Expand/Collapse)

[1] Nuke a targetted account

  • Spam switch from light to dark mode the whole time nuking
  • Change language from ja to zh-TW to ko to zh-CN
  • Delete/leave every server they are in
  • Will create 100 servers named whatever you want or smth random
  • Removes all friends
  • Send a chosen message to every friend they have
  • Everything will be logged so you can watch what happens on the cmd

[2] Unfriend all friends

  • Removes all friend the user has

[3] Delete and leave all servers

  • Leaves and deletes all the server the user has

[4] Spam Create New servers

  • Creates 100 new servers named whatever you want

[5] DM Deleter

  • Deletes all the private DM’s the account has

[6] Mass DM

  • Messages all friends and group chats a message of your choice

[7] Enable seizure mode

  • Switches between Light/dark mode as long as the console is open
  • Switches languages from ja to zh-TW to ko to zh-CN

[8] Get information from a targetted account

This is the info you get:

  • User ID
  • Date account was created at
  • Language
  • Badges
  • Avatar URL
  • Token
  • If they have 2fa on/off
  • Email
  • Phone number if they have one
  • If they have nitro
  • If they have nitro you get how many days they have it for
  • Payment type (credit card/paypal)
  • If the payment is valid
  • Name of the credit card/paypal
  • Credit card/Paypal Holder Name
  • Credit card brand
  • Credit card number (not the whole)
  • Credit card expiration date
  • Paypal email
  • Address 1 and address 2
  • Their city
  • Their postal code
  • Their state
  • Their country
  • If the payment method is their default
  • If they have multiple credit cards connected you get those aswell

[9] Log into an account

  • Log into the account via their token
  • Multiple browsers supported! (google, edge, opera)

[10] Block Friends

  • Blocks every friend they have

[11] Profile Changer

  • Change their status
  • Change their bio
  • Change their hypesquad badge

[12] [coming soon]

I just dont know that to have here on this option das why

[13] Create Token Grabber

Upon running the file you will get the following sent to your webhook:

  • Username
  • Computer Name
  • IP
  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Google Maps Location
  • Screenshot of their pc
  • All their Valid Discord Tokens
  • Password For Discord (You get their password if they update it)
  • Their Whole Credit Card (if They put one in)
  • All their Chrome Passwords And Cookies

Webhook looks like this:

[14] QR Code Grabber

  • Creates a QR code that will give you a discord user’s token if they scan it

Webhook looks like this:

[15] Mass Report

  • Mass report a user of your choice
  • The account that will send the reports are the token that you put in

[16] GroupChat Spammer

  • Mass create group chats with random users or chosen users

[17] Webhook Destroyer

  • Choose between deleting or spamming a webhook
  • Can customize the message being sent and can cancel the spam at any time

[18] Settings

  • Change hazards theme
  • Change the amount of threads
  • Change the cancel key
  • Exit hazard


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