HW 2: Visualizing interesting datasets

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Mean Earnings per Hour for Males and Females

Figure 1

My first graph uses data on hourly earnings of males and females. The graph shows the difference between mean hourly wages for males and females and mean hourly wages is show on the y-axis. As seen by the bar graph, the bar for males is taller than the bar for females so men have a higher mean hourly wage than women.

This data set is from the class ECON125 at CMC.

Distribution of Student Loan Forgiveness on Earning Deciles

Figure 2

My second graph shows how student loan forgiveness is distributed among earning decile. It uses data on the amount of loan forgiveness individuals in earnings deciles (starting at one and going up to ten) will receive based on the type of plan implemented. The graph shows that full loan forgiveness is the most regressive plan with the higher earning deciles getting more loan forgiveness. Loan forgiveness of $50K and $10K are stil regressive but not by as much and an income driven repayment (IDR) plan is the least regressive plan. The IDR plan benefits the middle earning deciles the most and the higher earning deciles the least.

I got the data for my plot from this article.


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