FastAPI Cache

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Implements simple lightweight cache system as dependencies in FastAPI.


pip install fastapi-cache

Usage example

from fastapi import Depends, FastAPI

from fastapi_cache import caches, close_caches
from fastapi_cache.backends.redis import CACHE_KEY, RedisCacheBackend

app = FastAPI()

def redis_cache():
    return caches.get(CACHE_KEY)

async def hello(
    cache: RedisCacheBackend = Depends(redis_cache)
    in_cache = await cache.get('some_cached_key')
    if not in_cache:
        await cache.set('some_cached_key', 'new_value', 5)

    return {'response': in_cache or 'default'}

async def on_startup() -> None:
    rc = RedisCacheBackend('redis://redis')
    caches.set(CACHE_KEY, rc)

async def on_shutdown() -> None:
    await close_caches()


  • Add tests
  • Add registry decorator
  • Add dependency for requests caching


  • Balburdia
  • xobtoor


  • 0.0.6 Added typings for backends. Specific arguments now need to be passed through **kwargs. Set default encoding to utf-8 for redis backend, removed default TTL for redis keys.