Learn to Code

It is an intiiative undertaken by Student Ambassadors Club, Jamshoro for students who are absolute begineers in programming and want to learn it. This repository will contain all the possible resource in terms of code as well as illusatrations for the code so that any new comer can grasp the topic.

How to contribute

  1. You can contribute in terms of Code
  2. You can contribute in terms of improving Documentation

Following the procedure you can make your contribution with ease.

Step 1

Look in the issues if the change you are doing is available and issues section is it assigned to someone or not if you can’t find any issue open one. Anyone from our team will assign you the issue then you can start contributing

step 2 Fork this repository

You can fork this repository by clicking on fork button on top right corner. Once you fork this will create a copy of repo on your account

step 3 Clone the repository

To clone the repository go to your account open this repo and either click on clone button or run the command below to get this repository on your local machine

git clone <URL you just copied>

e.g. git clone https://github.com/yourgithubusername/first_contribution.git

step 4 Create a branch

On your local machine go the project folder that you cloned and use following git command inside that folder

create a new branch using below command.

git checkout -b <branch-name>

e.g. git checkout -b mybranch

step 4 Lets make some contributions

Make changes to files on your local machine work on the issue you’re assigned.

step 5 Add Changes and Commit Changes

Now we have to add changes that we made to the branch so for that we will run following command.

git add .

Now we have to commit changes, commit message should always be clear, to commit use command below.

git commit -m “resolved the <issue>”

step 6 Push changes to GitHub

Now we have to push the changes that we made to remote repository on specified branch to do so use command below.

git push origin <branch-name>

name of branch is same as you created in step 3

e.g git push origin mybranch

step 7 Submit your changes for review

Once you have pushed your code to GitHub, it’s now time to create pull request, you will go to the repository click on compare and pull request and submit the pull request.

Soon, we will be merging all your pull requests to the main branch of project and you will also get notification once your pull request is merged with existing code base. After that you will be able to see your details in contributor section on the page below.