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All algorithms implemented in Python 3 (for education)

There implementations are for learning purposes. If you want to contribute more efficient solutions feel free to open an issue and commit your solution.


You can look for Algorithms to implement at: LeetCode Algorithms

To contribute make sure the Algorithm isn’t commited yet! Make sure to add the number of the Issue in your PR.

Contributing Guidelines

Folders and Files

Please make sure your file is in the LeetCode-Folder and Named like this:
0001_TwoSum.py -> 4-digit Number of the LeetCode Issue, Underscore, LeetCodeName

Opening Issues

When you open an issue, please make sure the Problem is not already implemented (Look at Code/Leetcode for the Problemnumber).
Opened Issues by existing Problem will be closed & PR made to this Issue marked as spam
The Contributer who opened an issue will be assigned prefered to the issue. If there is no PR within about 7 Days the issue will be assigned to another Contributer.

Pull Requests

Only Pull Requests joined with an Issue and matching the naming-conventions (See Folders and Files) will be merged!
If there is no Issue joined in the PR your PR will be labeld as spam and closed.
If your code don’t passes the Check on LeetCode.com your PR will be labeld as “invalid” and the Issue stays open for the next PR!
If your PR doesn’ follow the Contributing Guidelines of this Repository it will be also marked as spam and closed!

Spam Users

Users who spam this Repo with PRs/Issues that does not align the Contribution Guidelines will be blocked.

Getting Started

  • Fork this repository (Click the Fork button, top right of this page)
  • Clone your fork down to your local machine

git clone https://github.com/your-username/pythonalgorithms.git
  • Comment to the Issue you want to work on – so I can assign you to it OR create a new Issue from a LeetCode Problem that is not implemented yet
  • Create a branch for a new feature

git checkout -b feature/branch-name
  • Or if its a bugfix to a file

git checkout -b bugfix/branch-name
  • Make your changes (choose from the Tasks above!)
  • Commit and Push

git add .
git commit -m 'commit message'
git push origin branch-name
  • Create a New Pull Request from your forked repository ( Click the ‘New Pull Request’ Button located at the top of your repo)
  • Wait for your PR review and merge approval!
  • Star this repository if you had fun!

Which PR will be accepted?

  • Ones you are assigned to
  • Your PR has to link the Issue
  • Your Solution must be correct – you can check first on LeetCode (submit) if it works on different test-cases

Which PRs will be NOT accepted?

  • Ones you are NOT assigned to
  • Your PR is NOT linked to the Issue you are linked to
  • Your Solution is not correct
  • Your PR contains more than the .py file
  • PRs that “correct” Typos or spam files with comments
  • PRs that “correct” Coding Styles – Please accept that everybody has a different style


During October there come pretty much PRs and Issues – Please be patient because of my fulltime job I cannot be online 24/7 – I do my best to work through your PRs as soon as possible.

Thank You!


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